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Midnight Musings From Me

Yes, I'm nuts and annoying~but you knew that, I hope

25 July 1977
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I oogle over vampires named Edward Cullen, Kisten Felps, Jean Claude, and Asher. I love books about fantasy worlds in general, but love it when those books contain were-animals, vampires, and witches.

I enjoy most all music from classical to metal, but I could care less about Country-I blame that on growing up in Montana. I've seen enough cowboys to last a lifetime.

My current life goal is to finish up my nursing degree; which I am currently working full time and taking classes for-yet I still find time to play online.

My other life project is helping my husband work on his literary works. He is writing his first novel that is turning into a monster. It's an excellent fantasy story that I am trying to edit for him. Did I mention I'm far from an English major?

What else about me: I love my pets-all 10 of them. I tend to rescue animals in distress and get very upset at humanity in general over many issues-or should I say the destruction we cause? I'm quite the open-minded type and look at issues from different angles. I love to chat politics and world affairs from time to time; and I very much dislike the Shrub (aka Bush).

That's all for now.