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Robert Jordan...

Sitting here surfing the yahoo news I discovered that Robert Jordan has died. Robert Jordan-NY Times

I would pop into his blog from time to time and read the process of his treatments at the Mayo Clinic for a rare disease called amyloidosis. From what I gathered, RJ's amyloidosis was causing secondary cardiomyopathy (or causing the walls of his heart to thicken).

He had some good posts and a very positive attitude on his blog. It seemed he was doing good. I'm actually sitting in total shock. Robert Jordan is my husband's fantasy idol. He loved the man and his stories.

My thoughts are with his wife Hariett and his family. Robert Jordan was 58.

"There are readers, and then there are fans. Readers offer condolences when a favorite author falls ill. Fans offer bone marrow."

My Life Soundtrack...

If your life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

Here's what you do:
1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press next.

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Whimsical Winchester Websurfing...

Ok I had way too much fun Dean surfing last night. I love this one for the superglue factor. Heh, my version of Bella knows all about superglue, and speedos.

More eye candy:

firefly these are for you:

And this is for Julie:
I see I was tagged by a couple of peeps, so I guess that means I have to do it...heh heh.

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.
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I'm tagging marcyjo 3midnightwalker kissafur

Why I love Sony...

Ok so we had a long and very fun weekend to start. I'll post more later on our trip to the Renaissance Festival so you all can see me in my fire-red hair and purple royal gown.

Now as to why I love Sony (oh and did I mention I hate Microsoft, and I HATE windows, but I'll get to why they are an evil need of mine). So before our fun-filled weekend started, we HAD planned to lounge on the sofa, enjoying the greatness of blu-ray and netflix. So as we were getting to the end of The Departed (and I mean to the point where you go OMG and start drooling for more) zap, poof, bang, bam. The PS3 just up and dies. Can't turn it on, no power lights, nada! Yippie flippin slippy. So we ended up surfing for something to watch and ended up finding the G4 channel and Ninja Warrior (and I am now hooked to watching people kill themselves on that show!)

So the next day Trav called Sony support. They knew exactly what was wrong with the PS3. The blu-ray player burned out. You know what makes Sony so great. They said "NO problem, we'll send you a new one and then just package yours up and send it back." *cough, hack, cough* Are they ill? I mean, were they nice to us and had the balls to back up their product? Unlike Microsoft did when our Xbox 360 overheated and died. We had to argue our way to management to get that one fixed (not to mention the lawsuit that went up against them). So word to the wise: I am not planning to ever, ever, ever, ever again buy a flipping piece of Microsoft gaming crap again, but CRAP...I'm sure Halo 25 will make us buy one *sigh*

Oh! Did I mention that The Departed is stuck in the PS3. Thank god for no late fees!

Ok, so with the loss of the PS3. I reverted to other modes of entertainment in the middle of the night. Guitar Hero. I finished up Hard mode and then went to try 'Freebird' on Expert and got my ass handed to me on a silver platter. I may claim to be a previous musician, but pffft. I was totally boo'd off stage :)

Then, I went back to an old reliable. Guild Wars. (I can tell my geeky-gamer is coming out.) Now, to start we own windows-based PCs for one reason only...gaming. We have DSL for gaming. We have wacky keyboards and gadgets for gaming. Yes, we are sick in the head. Again, I love Sony for my ancient Vaio that keeps on ticking. The thing is like 7 years old. It has lived through multiple graphics cards, sounds cards, hard drives, memory upgrades--you name it. It's been moved, kicked, dropped, spilled on, taken apart and played with and the darn thing is still playing online games. Then there is Trav's HP piece of royal crap that is barely a year old and it is having issues. I love my Sony products. You should see our old PS2 that is cracked and broken, but yet it still works.

That said, I'm all hyped up to play Guild Wars again. There is a new expansion coming out for higher level characters (yes, no noobs!) So it's time to brush up on my skills and prepare to gain god knows how much more weight as we spend our resting hours glued to the GW world. Oh, and you know you have issues if you've ever called in sick to work to play online games. I have, a few times!

That's all my geeky babbles for now...

The Daring Desk Meme...

Ok snaggged from sydgill

I ran home this am, took pics and *poof* here they are.

For you (the poster):

1. Take three photos of your desk area as it is, do not stop to tidy up. Inclusion of you at desk in the picture is optional.
2. Upload the photos onto imageshack, photobucket, flickr, imagehoop, or a similar site and post them and this text to your journal, with an explanation for anything significantly MISSING, if anything.

For them (the commentor/friend):
1. Ask a question about what's in any of the pictures and the poster has to answer it, within reason.
2. Do this meme yourself!
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Addictions are great, really they are...

Netflix, netflix, netflix--squee! I know it sounds silly, but I just signed up for it and have not even got my first batch of movies and I'm like all suber-uber-silly excited. My Q is already over 40 and I'm all giddy about being able to try out all these TV shows that I didn't want to pay $40 a piece for (with the exception of my prized Buffy and Angel collection-hee hee). Oh and did I mention that the movie rental places by me are CRAP. I mean they have hoards of VHS to rent...not even DVD and I'm 'yo where's the Blu-ray?' I'm now super-spoiled by the ps3 that will upgrade old crappy dvd's to have better picture and Blu-ray in it's high definition glory. So that said, lately I've been glued to our gigantic plamsa TV every night after workout and dinner to watch Buffy or Angel, which now I have a sick addiction to David Boreanaz *pant, pant*. (He's an animal lover-like me-in real life so bonus points for him!) James Marsters is hot too, David's just, well RAWR!

And I can't forget my new addiction to Supernatural! I'd have to say it was handyhunter who got me into that with all her pretty pictures. Even though, my mother-in-law will soon be on my shit list if she doesn't return my season 1 that I never got to finish! She fell head over heels for it.

I'm sure I'll have more yapping on this issue later. I'm just excited that I can now easily get all these movies by just typing in 'Nathan Fillion' on netflix and hit click...Waitress anyone? Coming in November-heh.

Oh and PS...I'm sorry I've been away from Meyerville fandom. I just needed the break and the evil snarkies ruined the fandom for me. I've also had issues with Skype, but I think I got it running again or else they blocked me from it at work. Oh and I have actually been working on Trav's book with him and this new idea for a modern day story he came up with as well as some plot bunnies for a book of my own *grumbles*. I don't want to write, but the fictional fantasies won't leave me alone :)

Ok geek session done, I have to work anyway. Darn sick people...can't they see I'm having play time?

10 years of wedding bliss...

I can't believe that Trav and I have already been married for ten years. It seems so short, yet so long at the same time. We like to joke that we've been to hell and back again in all of our struggles, but it was those struggles that made us who we are today...those cynical, tree-hugging, liberal wackos that own a bunch of animals. We've survived a painful break-up, financial torture, and some betrayal. Through it all we've learned to understand that we are both only human, we make mistakes, and that we will forever be the best of friends and companions.

Our trip started by packing up the furballs for their week long stay at 'grandma and grandpa's' house. We dropped them off and then started to head north. We stopped in Hinckley to have breakfast with Greg and Jana. They were supposed to come with us, but Jana's parents were in a motorcycle accident in New York and needed them for some TLC.

We finally got to Crosby-Manitou State Park, filled up our water supply and started to hike in. The packs were heavy of course (tent, sleeping bags, 4 days of food, clothes etc.) The humidity was nasty, but the trail was beautiful. We enjoyed the hike in and once we got to the river crossing...wow is all I can say. It was steep, steep, steep and so awesome. By the time we got to the crossing, we were tired after 2-3 hours of hiking. We looked at the map and the time, took a small break and thought we could try and huge hill ahead of us. We were wrong. After a while of constant uphill climbs, we noticed the time compared to how much further we needed to hike and chose to back track to the last campsite, just to be safe. That hill was holy hell on wheels. I had sweat pouring down my face and dripping to the ground, my legs were getting shaky. Sad thing was I was happy that Trav was tired and worn out too. I normally can't keep pace with him so kudos to me for working out in prep for this trip.

As we started back (which can be worse than climbing with 100 pounds strapped to your back), Trav promised me that we could have our special anniversary dinner tonight. I immediately asked him if he brought the Jack Daniels-heh.

When we finally hit the campsite and set up everything, Trav told me I had to stay away from a while. So why I took to gathering wood along the river, he set up the sweetest dinner EVER.

When he finally came and told me I could come back, I walked up the little hill that went to the river and saw a picnic blanket set out with a bottle of very nice red wine and two wine glasses. Oh and can't forget the very nice cigars! From there we dined on lasagna (the dehydrated back packer kind) and later had smores.

The best part of the dinner was the gifts he gave me. It started with a hand-made card, then he pulled out a little black case. To my surprise, he turned on Celtic music and showed me a new video ipod in this fancy little case with speakers. At that point I was like wow. Then the big surprise came. As I was in shock over the ipod, Trav reached behind him and said that it would not be complete without this...I then heard him say 'will you marry me' as he held out a box with a ring that I can't believe he managed to get. (Guess working our butts off this summer paid off.)

(Don't worry pictures of everything are in the link below.)

The ring is amazing. It's not a fancy diamond that you can buy from any store. It's a ring created by Trav for me. The ring was made by Walker Metalsmiths. It's a hand-made, one of a kind Celtic masterpiece. Green gold ivy leaves, white gold band, lots of rose gold and a purple gem in the middle. I was floored. I actually cried and Trav said he would never forget the moment. I'm sure I won't ever forget as well. Trav said the guy at Walker was a dream to deal with and even shipped the ring to Trav next day air at no extra charge since he was pressed for time to finish it. I guess he was making my ring at the New York Renaissance Festival and it was quite the hit. My ring is on the company website: My Ring

The next couple of days we did some day hikes and took a trip to Duluth. We had a blast rock hopping down the river and playing with the new digital camera. You can see some pics at the following:

Anniversary Photo Album

My Eclipse Thoughts and Feelings....

So I know from personal experience that I hate to have my work ripped and shredded to pieces when it was something I tried so hard to create, BUT there were a lot of things I really disliked about Eclipse I'm sorry Stephenie, but the book didn't make me swoon like Twilight and New Moon.

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3:30 am ramblings...

Ok so I'm laughing my butt off at my lj stalker:
unicorngoddess5's LJ stalker is 3midnightwalker!
3midnightwalker is stalking you because your LiveJournal is just SO damned interesting. They are also stalking the rest of your friends list!

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I scored that meme from sydgill. I find it amusing.

Other than that, I've been up to nothing too exciting. I've watched like 13 hours of Buffy in the last two days and died laughing when Angel showed up in Buffy's bedroom (Season 2, episode 1). I was like...'that's so Edward'...*insert eye roll here* I mean, dude...he even came through the window. Yeah, I'm having fun watching Buffy. Bella Swan meets Buffy Summers...look out Edward *snort*.

I've been snickering to myself all night with a few stupid Twilight fics my mind has created. I doubt I'll ever actually sit down and write them. I have 5 or 6 fics written and 'almost' done, plus outlines for like 3 AU stories that will never see the light of day...so what does my retarded mind think of tonight. First, I want to write James' pov before he meets up with them at the baseball game. I had a sudden inspiration of vile thoughts that fit James to a tee. And then, I started giggling with vision of Bella in ballet as a kid *insert horrible moment of her bringing down the stage during a performance*. I feel like an idea factory, but always find something other than writing to fill my time as of late. I guess when you are having a crazy night and listening to Twilight on audio book in the backgroud, you think of crazy stuff.

Alright, now I'm off to battle with the drunk idiot that can't see well enough to write on a flippin form, yet he arrived here by vehicle...*eye roll, again*.