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Yes, I'm am still alive...

So, umm...yeah. I've been a little awol for a while. I tend to do that from time to time. I've mainly been working and spending my free time in my alternate reality world of guild wars. I picked up a part time waitressing job hear my house so all I seem to do is work and sleep. To top it off, ever since an expansion came out my precious guild wars, I've been sucked into the gaming world again. I even joined an awesome guild called TOG (The Older Gamers). They are huge and it's actually a real blast. We are total geeks and talk over a program called team speak (think of talking on skype) while doing missions and quests. Really nice people, which is good. I'm missing my online buds as well.

It does suck now though for internet usage. My lap top is running now yes, but there have been some issues with internet usage where I work. I'm trying to be more careful and not play for hours and hours on end :D (hint: give me more work to do!) It seems lately that my only online time is at night a bit and then the few hours I play guild wars a day.

I just wanted to update, since I've been soooooooo very bad. I wish all of you a very happy holiday season and the greatest of new years!

Maybe I'll have something interesting to post in the near future.


So today after I got off of work, I went straight home to play Guild Wars. Hey, they were giving out prizes for Halloween, I had to join the hoards. So after my morning fun, I had some calls and what not to make. One of those calls was to check on my application for dispatch. So as I start to call this doctor in the cities to change my appointment, my home phone rings. I'm standing in the 'gaming room' guild wars playing with two phones, well the home phone was the girl regarding my application. She sounded excited to meet with me and wanted me to come in to see the office and if this is something that I'd want to do. I was kind of floored, shouldn't she be saying come in and we'll chat to see if you can handle the job. :D I guess it's all those years of managing retail. If you can do retail bullshit management, you can do anything, and I mean anything.

So, yeah I'm uber excited for the interview. I laughed and told her that I'll come in after my shift that night for the interview. All she could say was "what is it with you overnight people?" We learn to do sleep/awake marathons that's what. Besides, I don't want to sit and be all nervous this weekend when we go down to Greg and Jana's to have some fun and be silly.

Oh and Trav brought me home a bottle of my favorite red wine. mmmm... It was really good with homemade beef and potatoes from the crockpot.

Oh and it figures, I signed up for NaNoWriMo and laughed with Tage that if I get that second job, I'm screwed. mu ha ha ha Figures!


Ok so I've been AWOL from most of my online adventures. My darn laptop being down sucks. I lost my whole itunes library, all my old fan fictions that I someday wanted to finish, my resume and cover letter, some pictures from my trip to Seattle (Trav thinks we saved those to a disc). It just plain sucks. Then add to that headaches for almost the entire month of October. It doesn't help that I'm just annoyed tonight. It seems that everytime I come to work all I hear is bitch, bitch, bitch. Ugh, can't we all just get along or do we have to fiddle with the deflector dish thingy to make us all a happy little bunch :D

That said, I applied for a new job. It would be part-time to start and there isn't a position open, but one of the officers I know told me to apply to work at dispatch. I'm a little excited about it. I'd learn how to take 911 calls. As another officer jokes, tell them to crush the pills so they absorb faster. Sorry sick joke, but when you see this crap all the time you kind of start to roll your eyes a little. I even spent some time listening to 911 calls online and OMG people, you don' call 911 to crab about the traffic! Oh and if you can't swin, don't go out in boat with no life jackets. It's sad these people are allowed to breed! Ok, I need to shut up. I'm tired and sarcastic. Tension is big here tonight because some shit hit the fan upstairs for the nursing crew. That just makes the headache so much better. Anyone got a hammer? :D

Ok so for some fun. I finally got some pics to share if you want to view them. I discovred shutterfly and I love it. Free. Unlimited. I liked Flickr, but you can only upload 100 mb/month and with a high def camera that sucks. So here are some pic taken at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival of Trav and me. I'm the geek in the purple velvet dress and Trav is in the armor (that he made from scratch). It was such a fun day. I so remember this little girl giving me little presents because she thought I was a real lady or a princess. She was so cute.

So enjoy: Renaissance Festival


Sorry if anyone is a super right-wing person, but damn-can this girl get any more retarded.

While appearing on "The Big Idea," Coulter said Judaism should be discarded, that Jews required Christianity to be "perfected," and that Christianity had a "fast track" to God.


Hmm...so when can I feed discard her to the lions?

IMO, it's extreme beliefs like hers that need to be discarded. Why can't people understand that we all have the same right to believe what we want?


Fun little meme...

Taken from a few on the flist.
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TV Meme List...

Taken from handyhunter
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Holy Buckets that's a lot and I feel like I'm missing a bunch. I added: Gossip Girl, CHiPs, Night Rider (not Knight), Drawn Together, Doogie Howser, Who's The Boss, and Tripping the Rift.


I'm back and I had a blast!

So I don't have my pics ready to share since the bad news is that the hard drive in my mac died. Trav and I are planning to run in and buy a new one here in the next week so I should be up and running again soon. It was actually almost total hell in a hotel room to be trapped with my mom and grandma and no internet. I actually missed Supernatural too. I was trapped at dinner with the family.

All I can say is thank god for my great cousins and their great friends. I met so many great new people and we had a fantastic time! The night of the wedding was very fun. To start, there was open bar at the reception and at the jazz club they had once the reception ended. And the waiter kept refilling my wine glass all night. The groom had two friends fly in from Ireland that were just a hoot to hang with (and they were pretty damn cute too). I had the greatest time with my cousin, her fiance & their roommate. We all have a lot in common.

I also got to tour a lot. I toured Boston, Salem, Cape Cod, and the Plimouth Plantation.

So I'll prattle more about the trip when I can get the pics up. For now, Tage asked about: Angel, Anita Blake, Music, Nursing, Were-Animals, Writing

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More about me meme...

I know I'm a little late in doing this one, but hey I've go my mom and grandma coming in on Friday so housework comes first :D Just imagine me running around with a roll of duct tape trying to super-de-hair my house.

Oh, and I'll try to get season 2 spn music swap going here soon.

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Ah wha?